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Educational specialists such as Speech Pathologists, Educational Psychologists, Occuapational Therapists and Behavioural Therapists have been turning to Spalding to help their students with reading and writing comprehension for over 30 years.

During this time, Spalding has become incredibly popular amongst tutors in literacy.

We’ve supported thousands of Educational Specialists to take their teaching skills to the next level…

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  • Advance your teaching skills with our world-class teaching methods.
  • Romalda Spalding in collaboration with Dr Samuel Orton spent 60 years developing and perfecting this comprehensive program for educational specialists just like you.
  • Improve your student’s academic results.
  • From ‘Phonics For Kids’ to ‘Adult Reading Programs’, you’ll discover a diverse selection of courses.
  • Develop the confidence to successfully teach all aspects of Language Arts.

We Have The Perfect Course For You

From ‘Phonics For Kids’ to ‘Adult Reading Programs’, our empowering courses focus on truly developing your teaching skills.

Discover our courses below:

  • Intro to Spalding: Learn the fundamentals of our teaching methods.
  • Multi-sensory Instruction of Language Arts (MILA 1): Discover how to teach English through the use of a synthetic phonetic system.
  • MILA Refresher: Refresh and update your knowledge of the Spalding method.
  • MILA 2: Expand your knowledge of scientifically-based language arts content and methodology.
  • Oral Fluency: Fluency is a strong indicator of comprehension. Learn how to teach children to read without hesitation, and with expression, appropriate volume, pacing and phrasing. Great for public speaking too.
  • From Spelling to Writing: Explore the words from the Ayres list and use them as a basis for sequential, systematic writing instruction.

Our courses are completed in a classroom setting with a highly qualified and rigorously certified Spalding Instructor.

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