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At Spalding, you’ll discover how to confidently start teaching English to children.

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This is your opportunity to kickstart your child’s academic success:

You’ll learn how to teach a child to read, write and speak effectively.

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With our Language Arts courses, you’ll learn everything you need to know to prepare your child for success:

  • Gain the confidence to start teaching English to children
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  • Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we have the perfect course for you!
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  • Discover how to teach a child to read, write and speak effectively
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If you want to learn the skills necessary for your child to read, write and spell, then our courses are a great opportunity…

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The Phonogram and Rule Introduction Course: This empowering ten-hour online program will introduce you to the philosophy, skills, and methodology of the Spalding method. It’s a self-driven, study-at-home curriculum where you’ll discover the foundations of teaching English to children. The Phonogram and Rule Introduction’s course is a fantastic option if you live a busy lifestyle and you’d like the freedom to learn online – whenever and wherever you want.

The Spalding Parent Course:  The Spalding’s Parent course is similar to the Phonogram and Rule Introduction’s curriculum – but instead of studying online, you’ll learn from your child’s school or a Spalding Instructor. You’ll discover the fundamentals of teaching English to children, directly from a teacher, principal or another qualified staff member. The benefit of this blended experience parent course is that in addition to your self-driven study, you’re able to receive feedback, advice and support directly from instructors regarding your implementation of the methodology. This course is the perfect starting point if you’re interested in understanding what is required to teach a child to read, write and spell.

MILA 1: Looking for the next step? This comprehensive curriculum will provide you with a unique opportunity to study more about teaching English to children – and equip you with the skills to help further their education. You will understand exactly how to incorporate your child’s knowledge of the phonograms and spelling skills into the reading and writing process.  If you’d like to take your child’s literacy skills to the next level, book online below:

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